Thursday, July 2, 2009


OHHMYYGAWDDDDDDDDD!! i cannot believe the holidays are over and that i have to go back to uitm (a.k.a KOLEJ MAWAR!! gahh!) tomorrow. TOMORROW!!! so fast!!! it's just too horrible to comprehend. i feel like i didn't do shit during the holidays. which is actually, come to think of it, really the point of the holidays. but STILL! i didn't have enough fun :/:/ i feel like i wasted too much potential fun time :S

and just thinking about painting remake bags in a small enclosed area with 3 other roommates (im just gonna say sorry in advance to my future roommates for having to breath in the horrible paint fumes :/) watching me paint makes me wanna cringe. and i dont even have Ainaa to help me with the outline anymore so all my bags would probably look ugly and will all have uneven lines. gahh!!

and just thinking about waking up early tomorrow for the god-knows-why-they-made-it-so-goddamn-early registration makes me wanna pull all my hair out. i havn't woken up early (or slept early) in weeks!! :/ how the hell am i gonna manage waking up as early as 6.30am tomorrow? i'll probably look like shit cause i'll definitely oversleep, won't have enough time to get ready and would look like a panda on crack from the lack of sleep.

and i still have no idea if i'll be able to skip the activities on the weekend to go out. O_O

and fuck. to think i'll have to start learning again after not doing anything for over 2 months makes me just wanna puke. my only consolation is that, at least now...

no wait.

*starts bawling on the floor while screaming nonsensical stuff about freedom at pedestrians walking by*

omg. im insane :/

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


thanks for the awesome time yo! :)

(god. my thighs look GIGANTIC in this picture. gahh!)

you guys totally rock :D:D

Monday, June 29, 2009

Plan B

is actually very simple. on account of the fact that, when i escape (LOL!), it's not like anyone can actually force me to stay :/ and it's not like they check all the rooms. but even if i were caught. i could spew something on the lines of family problems, personal stuff, my cat died, im just some kakak dropping off her adik or...well. maybe just forgetting to bring my toothbrush? O_O

nevertheless, whatever it is i came up with on the spot, im sure they'll let me go :):)

but even if they don't and i was forced to go back for that stupid induction thing (which is god knows what! what exactly are we going to do anyways? it's not like we NEED an orientation), i will then feign interest to go to the loo, and escape unnoticed!! wahahahahahahaha!

however. now that i have recruits (lol. other fellow crazy shopaholics up for the ride), i will think of the other minor details later. but 'till later, the plan shall stay. *cue evil laugh*

anyways. the bazaar ends at 8.30pm so im pretty sure we can escape (one way or another) before it ends :D:D woot!!


on a completely different note though, i found something very disturbing today. visited this person's blog at random and realized that this person had sorta plagiarized me. how do i know it's plagiarism you say? because im pretty sure noone else would think of something so random and weird about something so coincidentally the same.


but you know what they say? imitation is the best form of flattery. so i shall now be the bigger person and take this thing as a compliment and not so much of a slap in the face. because right about now, it really feels like it. the slap that is. not the compliment :/:/



i think my mum finally hit menopause or something because she's been acting really weird lately and her mood swings are sooo... well. moody! and most of the time, she's being so unreasonable, i feel like i wanna eat all the muffins i can find and give myself indigestion from frustration. i really really hope this thing won't last. if not, i'll probably go crazy or menopausal as well. T_T

note to self: when going through menopause. please hold out on the mood swings. people find it very VERY annoying :/

Sunday, June 28, 2009

must. save. MUST refrain from shopping! :/

just came back from hulu langat (a.k.a kebun) today and im so relieved!

i did practically nothing there. i never wasted so much time in my life before. the atmosphere there was just so lazy and relaxing, it was sleep inducing! and boy! did i sleep :/:/ i actually brought along all my stuff to finish painting a couple of remake orders, but the lure of sleep and hulu langat-ness was just so strong, i ended up not doing anything at all. just eating and sleeping all day. and now i have a headache. gahh!

it's probably from the indigestion im having from eating too much fruits and my newfound erratic sleeping patterns. O_O

dah la i missed the most fun and probably the only awesome debate practice ever held :/

goshh...i freakin hate hulu langat. it's so bad for my health and not to mention, my mental well being. O.O


anywhoosers!! i cannot bear looking at any more online shops because i have to save up! due to the fact that i am currently broke. and i really really need money for the upcoming bazaar on the 4th of July. it looks very promising and a lot of my fav online stores are going to be there. so the only thing keeping me from spending my money (on loads of useless shit that i'll probably never wear anyways), is the idea that; if i just wait a little longer, i wouldn't have to pay for postage when i get the same thing at the bazaar! wooooot!! :D

but godddd. it's not easy. and seriously. my willpower is wavering.

(i mean, this is how broke i am. i actually made a bag to express my current and penniless predicament :/:/)

and i still havn't contemplated the fact that im going back to uitm (groansss!!) this friday :/:/ so i'll probably need some kinda plan or a devious way to get me outta the stupid induction thing happening on the weekend.

hmmm. i'll probably wear a ski mask and run for my life, out the gates, (hoping to godd no one would see me) and quickly drive off the bazaar like a freakin' getaway car. which i doubt will actually work, now that i really think about it. O_O

therefore i shall now think of a plan B. hmmmmmmm. any ideas? x)

(yesh. it's called the "AWESOME POSSUM BAZAAR". and i know it sounds stupid and lame but it's really kinda catchy dont ya think? it even sorta has a ring to it. lol. plus. whatever you may decide to think about it, it's still pretty awesome! and the possum's kinda cute too. lol.)

Friday, June 26, 2009


after going through shit these last few days,
im so gladd that i was still able to update my blogshop on time yesterday.
thank goddd! :)

now it's time to just sit back and relax :):)
*sighs contently*

btw. if anyone has the time, you could go check out the website if you want.
:D:D (lol. promote! promote!)

when i have to go back to uitm next week, i have no idea how im gonna keep this thing up. O_O

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

midvalley megamall

is actually a lot different then how i remembered it. (LOL!) 'cause it's been, like, YEARS since i last went there. but only because it has always been just OU or KLCC for me. and midvalley is actually great! not how i last remembered it of course. XD

gosh. i feel so left out. like i've been missing out an awesome thing for years :/


spent like an hour and a half waiting for alicia to arrive today. but for once, i wasn't annoyed or pissed at some other person's tardiness cause i was literally exploring the 'newly discovered' mall. everything sorta felt.. well. new. LOL! x) i literally walked aimlessly for an hour staring in awe at all the new shops! (the fact that MNG was having a sale helped as well! XD) and when alicia finally called and asked where i was and where she wanted to meet me, i didn't know how to answer. i literally had no idea where i was and where she was telling me to meet her. i had to ask random strangers for directions cause i couldn't find the directory OR the service counter either. how duhhh am i? :/

anyways! shopped a lot today. again. O_O i even got 2 pairs of skinny jeans. in purple AND red!! whoooo. XDXD trying to make a statement yo! XD and i love it sososo much.
next time im gonna try to find one in hot pink! HAHAHAHAHA.


on a more horrible note though, i have debate training tomorrow *groansss....* and they just informed us today about it too, how typical. O_O was really really tempted to skip. *sighs...* but since i wanna skip some other trainings as well cause i already have some stuff planned, i figured i had to come for at least one meeting. so yeahh. tomorrow. i shall force myself to wake up early and be at uitm by 10am.
ugggghhh. just thinking about it makes me sick :/:/:/


since that's done and over with! now, (inevitably!) im going to talk about my bags (lol!) and how i have (finally!) finish the last bag in my new batch of designs. and to me, for some strange reason, the bag sorta seem to fit my current mood. very emo and fragile-ish.

crap. i must be PMS-ing.


fuck this shit, im gonna get me some ice cream.

Monday, June 22, 2009


checked my bank account today and saw that it had reached rm1026. finally! the 1K mark. XD i was soooo happy. even though, of course, it was just the revenue total not the profit. but STILL. i was ecstatic! :) and it really made my day :D:D teehee~


sent my biggest batch of bags today. 17 re-made bags altogether!! x) to 7 different people! and it was only possible because fyza and nadia helped yesterday! so thanks so much yo! :):)

pretty pretty parcels :D:D


finished about 10 new bags today for the new collection. so...for the next bag release, me and my sis modeled it out. HAHAHAAHAHA. and we look so funny in all of it. but what the heck. it was fun. and it was a good way to show off all the clothes i just recently bought at the bazaars. LOL! x) oh. the joy of cam whoring! xD


i just realized that all my recent posts are about my bags. XD
god. im sucha loser. lol. O_O

tomorrow, i'll be goin out with some of my old friends, so i'll update ya'll with that instead! X) im sure ya'll are already sick and tired of listening to me ranting on and on about my bags.
so yeahhh...'till then, toodles!! :D:D

Sunday, June 21, 2009


i saw this at ou today when we went out to have lunch with our dad (you know. fathers day and all) and i just couldn't help laughing and taking a quick snap. x)

somebody probably wanted too see some real flashing down there. LOL! XD genius!

anyways. i had a massive order to finish up by tomorrow but fyza and nadia came over and helped me paint (thank godd!) so we got it all done very quickly! thanks so much yo! x)
oh. and we had so much fun shopping at various bazaars yesyerday too. lol.
woooooooohh! x)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

oh my god.

if i have to draw one more of that stupid 'you rock and you rule' design, i swear to god, i WILL kill someone.

preferably with a rock or a ruler :/

heh. and i'll make sure it'll be long.
oh. and painful.
*cue evil laugh*

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